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You can now teach Handwriting to your child at home with the resources made available here. Guidance is available for you - before and while you home-teach your child.
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Handwriting : Learning Topics

You can use the resources provided here to teach Handwriting to your child :
videos, audio, workbooks, flash cards and Say-It tests are available for your child's convenient learning.

Your child, through this program, will learn :

# motor skills development
# visualisation development
# how to hold / grip a pencil
# write capital letters (regular style)
# write small letters (regular style)
# write small letters (cursive style)
# write capital letters (cursive style)

Towards the end of this page you may :
* download and print teaching aid / display resources / practice sheets
* read tips to practice /improve handwriting
* avail "Show-It" test and get practice sheet to improve
Do not forget to scroll down to reach these.

Before starting to teach any level to your child, we suggest that you
- to understand the contents etc so that you can teach your child effectively.
To TALK TO US FIRST send a 'request for appointment' mail at phonicsindia@gmail.com NOW.

You may write to seek guidance through out your 'home-teaching'.


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Handwriting : Start Lessons Now

Here are 7 levels / topics.

You are requested to Register First.

Access to each Handwriting level / topic is currently free for ALL in ALL countries.

When you click on the red / blue box for concerned Level / Topic, an empty box will appear asking to Enter ACCESS CODE.
Type PATI in the box and then click on submit button to proceed.
You must type PATI in upper case / capital letters only.

For any assistance contact us at phonicsindia@gmail.com .

Level 1 : Develop Motor Skills

Level 2 : Visualise Alphabet Letters

Level 3 : How to hold / grip a pencil

Level 4 : Learn to write Capital letters (Regular style)

Level 5 : Learn to write Small letters (Regular style)

Level 6 : Learn to write Small letters (Cursive style)

Level 7 : Learn to write Capital letters (Cursive style)

Handwriting : "Show-It" Test

You may share scanned copy of English letters' handwriting of your child with us . We will study and then revert by sending practice sheets for concerned patterns, to improve your child's writing of identified 'problem letter(s)'.

This service is available to all parents of young children worldwide.


Handwriting Printable Resources

Here are some immediately downloadable handy-teaching resources. These include : Teaching Aid / Display Resources / Practice Sheets.


Handwriting Tips

General learning-step practice tips.

# Let the child explore by scribbling.
# Start with pattern tracing.
# Watch early letter writing-learning video (provided later on this page).
# Then do finger tracing of upper case / capital letters as seen in the video, on sand or salt.
# Write each letter on blank paper (without any ruling). Do it for upper case / capital letters only.
# Write the set of letters already learnt (to write). Circle the ones that are not okay. Write the same again and again over the next couple of days.
# Write each letter on English notebook. Do it for the upper case letters only.
# Write the set of letters already learnt to write. Circle the ones that are not okay. Write the same again and again over the next couple of days.
# Now proceed to learn lower case / small letters.
# Practice regularly.

General tips to help improve handwriting.

# It's never going to be perfect. Just work on it to have clarity, neat and look good.
# Hold the writing instrument (pen or pencil) comfortably. The grip must not be too tight - no need to fatigue your fingers / hand while writing.
# Maintain consistent slanting.
# Paper should be at an angle - different direction for left handers and right handers.
# Letter parts to be within defined lines.
# Space letters evenly in the words.
# Space words evenly in the sentences.
# Choose the style you like and are comfortable with - regular or curive.
# Practice, practice and practice.

General learning tips.

# Watch closely someone write each letter and also words.
A teacher / tutor / parent can write and child can watch. The other tools are videos that show writing.
# Learn-Teach to write letters in regular font / style, not in the A-Z sequence of letters. Learn-Teach each set of letters together. This applies for upper case as well as lower case letetrs. Details are in workbook. An example follows.

# Learn-Teach capital letters in regular style, not in the A-Z sequence of letters but as :

* Straight lines only

* Straight and slant lines

* Straight and curvy lines

* Curvy lines only

Interesting to watch

If you find these Level-wise resources useful
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Note : Phonics eStore reserves the right to regret providing ACCESS CODE to certain individuals at its sole discretion. Codes for mulitple levels will not be provided together. Codes will be provided one at a time with time gap as deemed fit by Phonics eStore (only). Codes are subject to change and hence request may be repeated for a level (when it so happens) by an individual. All requesting for codes are requested to register.


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